Scabs​/​Scars 7"

by Stymie

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released June 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Stymie Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Western Medicine
this list of things gone wrong
coffee stains and wisdom teeth
this fucking song oh to write this fucking song
stale summer heat is raising inquiries that get to me
no plans at all i swear i put my brain on stall
succumb to short comings, parade around without a care
dim lighting, late, late nights, lets watch the flood carry out this year
this list of things to put away
puts me in the running for the blame
no hope, go home
please dont be mad youve gotta understand
this wasn't planned, my word, my mistake
succumb to shortcomings, sloth around without a care
diminished, defeated, broke in two, consumed with all my fear
no one grows accustomed to growing up to be nothing
theres no company, no remedy, theres no plea
sick on western medicine again.
Track Name: Goodbye Rainy
the saddest day's the day that person dies
this protocol is killing me
the sun will spin the world will always shine
i just want to die
not fair is what we all say, shouldn't be this way
lucky you not in the shoes of the one who's died today
goodbye rainy
forward thinking into next week
got to sink this misery
brightest faces that i ever heard, not another word
can't be level anymore
hell bent all for nothing
should i resent this, be bitter
i waste so much time
Track Name: Scabs/Scars
out of head, so off hand
its so bright outside, im so cloudy today
another day please?
ok? ok.
i could pick at this all day
now its never going to go away
your blood is clotting on me

its ending badly
its ending oh so alone
its ending, im ending